Johnson Drive business confronts construction parking challenge with its own valet service

Ray Hanf at his new valet stand outside Mission Fresh Fashion on Johnson Drive in Mission.
Ray Hanf at his new valet stand outside Mission Fresh Fashion on Johnson Drive in Mission.

Facing an impending loss of its storefront parking to the ongoing construction project, one Mission business along Johnson Drive is taking a unique and pro-active approach to get its customers in the store. Mission Fresh Fashion will offer valet parking services for its customers.

Owners Ray and Becky Hanf said the block where their store sits is different than others that have been affected by the rebuild of Johnson Drive because the opposite side of the street does not have parking and no parking is available on the side street around the corner. As the street rebuild moves into the northwest quadrant of the project, Mission Fresh Fashion’s parking in front of the store could be churned up any day now.

Ray will be the valet, meeting customers at his newly constructed valet stand by the corner, allowing them to head directly into the store while he moves their cars up the street to open parking. When they are finished shopping, Ray will retrieve the car and bring it back to the corner by the store.

“We are very familiar with our customer base,” Becky said, which means they are comfortable with turning over their cars. “Customers are pretty excited,” she said, and are looking forward to using the new service.

“We like to take the positive view,” Ray said, of the parking displacement. Both Ray and Becky also are members of the parking task force that is currently looking at post-construction parking options.

To summon the Mission Fresh Fashion valet, a customer can call or text Ray on his cell phone, 913-515-9469. “No tipping allowed,” Ray says.