Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

TopekaKansas July tax revenues beat expectations for first time since March. Tax data released by the Kansas Department of Revenue on Thursday was likely a relief to Gov. Sam Brownback and staffers in his campaign for reelection. The figures showed that revenues were $1.6 million above projections, the first time the state has collected more than it expected to since February. Still, the $408.6 million Kansas took in last month is down 4 percent compared to July 2013, and the state shortfall from the previous three months was more than $300 million. Kansas Democrats were quick to put their spin on the figures. “While it is good to hear that revenue is not under water for the month of July, this still isn’t the ‘shot of adrenaline’ to the Kansas economy that Gov. Brownback promised,” Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley told the Lawrence Journal-World. “This is far from the growth needed to get out of the self-inflicted budget crisis that Kansas is facing as the direct result of Brownback’s reckless income tax cuts.” [Kansas revenues in July beat expectations by $1.6M — Lawrence Jounal-World]

$1,400 Oklahoma Joe’s order for Air Force One. The Kansas City, Kan., Oklahoma Joe’s that sits just across County Line Road from northeast Johnson County filled a big order for a fellow with a big title Wednesday. The restaurant at Mission Road and 47th Street served up 30 slabs of ribs, 20 pounds of pork and plenty more to go for the Air Force One flight that took President Barack Obama from KC, where he delivered a speech at the Uptown Theater earlier in the day, back to Washington, D.C. [Oklahoma Joe’s fills $1,400 order for Obama, Air Force One — Kansas City Star]

Politico moves Kansas governor race to “toss-up.” Another political prediction service has moved its rating of the Kansas governor’s race from “Leans Republican” to “Toss-up.” Sabato’s Crystal Ball out of the University of Virginia Center for Politics revised its rating on the race Wednesday, noting that “In Kansas, despite its strong Republican roots, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has trailed in a majority of polls to state House Minority Leader Paul Davis. Brownback’s governorship has proven very controversial, costing him support among many more-moderate Republicans in the Jayhawk State.” Earlier this month, the Cook Political report also shifted its rating on the race from “Lean Republican” to “Toss-up.” [2014 Governor Race Ratings — Politico]