Developer releases potential site plans for 75th and Mission property


The brokerage firm representing the owners of the Medical & Professional Building property at the intersection of 75th Street and Mission Road in Prairie Village have released renderings of two potential redevelopment projects for the site.

Both proposals would eliminate the current curb cut on the property along 75th Street — an ingress that caused some safety concerns given its placement near the busy intersection in a spot where visibility to the west is limited by the hill that climbs along 75th Street from Delmar Street to Mission Road.

One plan would create an L-shaped building on the premises that would have around 16,800 square feet of office space and 3,750 square feet of retail space as well as a parking garage.

The other would create a facility that ran east and west fronting 75th Street with 18,300 square feet of space across two stories.

The bird’s-eye view renderings are below: