First three NEJC Google fiberhoods all need more signups before Sept. 12 deadline

Subcontractors for Google installed fiber along 47th Street in Westwood Tuesday afternoon.
Subcontractors for Google installed fiber along 47th Street in Westwood in recent weeks.

The clock is ticking on the signup deadline for Google Fiber to qualify the first three “fiberhoods” in northeast Johnson County. With 49 days left in the signup period, each of the areas still needs more households to register in order to bring the service to those areas.

fiber-rabbitThe three fiber hoods are designated as Rainbow Boulevard, which includes Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods; Shawnee Indian Mission, which is Roeland Park east of Roe; and Cedar Roe, which is Roeland Park west of Roe.

A fiberhood is usually a few neighborhoods grouped together and Google only brings its high-speed service to households inside fiberhoods that meet signup goals. Google subcontractors, though, have been visible in each of the areas in the last few weeks laying the fiber network that would allow household connections.

As of this morning, the Google Fiber site shows that Rainbow needs 60 more signups, Cedar Roe needs 93 more signups and Shawnee Indian Mission needs more than 200 additional signups to meet the goals. The goals for each fiberhood are different, but Google does not reveal what the starting point was for each of the fiberhoods, according to Google spokesperson Kelly Mason. So, it is not possible to calculate what percentage of the goal has been met.

“Goals vary from fiberhood to fiberhood, because every fiberhood is different; they range in size, number of households, and density as well as speed and ease of Google Fiber construction. We take all of those factors into consideration when we set the goals,” Mason said in an email.

Mason did say that the company does see a “big rush to signup for Fiber in the last few days.” The deadline for these first three fiberhoods is Sept. 12. The signup period opened on July 7. No additional fiberhoods or signup periods have been announced for other NEJC cities, all of which have Google agreements in place.