Prairie Village crime rate hits 5-year low, residential burglaries down drastically from peak in 2011


It’s been a quiet six months in Prairie Village — and for the Prairie Village Police Department, that’s a good thing.

Department statistics for the first half or 2014 show that crime in the city is at its lowest level in five years and that the crime rate is 30 percent below its five-year average.

From January through June, the department has filed reports on 176 crimes. The five year average through the first six months of a year is 253.8 crimes, meaning there have been 77.8 crimes fewer than average so far this year. Of note, there have been just seven residential burglaries in the city this year. That’s a drastic reduction from the 40 that were recorded during the first six months of 2011.

Cases of assault, burglary and criminal damage are also down substantially for the year.

Prairie Village Police Chief Wes Jordan was quick to point out that the crime is often cyclical, and that the department was employing the same prevention techniques this year as it had been in the higher crime years.

“None of this is saying that our officers are working any harder this year, and it’s not to say that officers were working any less in previous years,” he said. “There are certain things you just can’t predict.”

Jordan did note that there had been a wave of auto-burglaries targeting unlocked cars throughout northeast Johnson County in recent weeks. Representatives from several of the NEJC area police departments met recently to see if their combined information could help identify additional suspects in that rash of incidents.

The full six-month crime reports for Prairie Village and Mission Hills are embedded below.