Former SM East teacher Charles Reed Black convicted of attempted murder in Maine

Charles Reed Black
Charles Reed Black

A Knox County, Maine, jury on Monday found former SM East teacher Charles Reed Black, 71, guilty of attempted murder and other charges after pushing his wife of a cliff in 2011.

When the jury delivered their verdict after a few hours of deliberation, Lisa Zahn — formerly Lisa Black — broke into tears and hugged the lead police detective and prosecuting district attorney. Black faces up to 30 years in prison.

Zahn had learned that Black was having an online affair with his former high school girlfriend early in April 2011, but the two were trying to make the marriage work, according to the Bangor Daily News. She said Black had been the one to suggest a picnic atop the Maiden Cliff April 7. She was enjoying the view of a lake from their picnic spot when she felt three blows against her head and Black then threw her off the cliff. The prosecutor said that is was a “miracle” that she survived.

Prior to the incident, Zahn and Black had had fights about a $4 million inheritance she’s received from her father.

Black never testified in the trial. A sentence hearing has not been scheduled at this time.

Check out the story from the Bangor Daily News for a detailed account of the trial and the attempted murder.