Trial under way for retired SM East teacher accused of pushing his wife off Maine cliff

Charles Reed Black
Charles Reed Black

Retired SM East teacher Charles Reed Black is standing trial this week in Camden, Maine, facing charges including attempted murder of his wife Lisa, also a retired Johnson County school teacher.

The Blacks moved from Johnson County to Maine about a year prior to the April 2011 incident in which Reed is alleged to have used a rock to strike Lisa on the head and then pushed her off an 800-foot cliff. According to the account she gave to police, Reed chased her down the cliff once he realized she has survived and fell down the side of the mountain himself.

After the incident Reed told police that he had lost consciousness and fallen into Lisa, hitting her head with his head.

Lisa had received a multi-million dollar inheritance from her father prior to alleged attempted murder. Lisa’s attorneys¬†have indicated that she believes Black tried to poison her on at least one occasion prior to the incident on the cliff.

On Thursday, a woman who was having an online affair with Reed Black at the time of the incident testified that he had said if his wife died, it would be the easy way out for him.

Lisa and Reed Black divorced in 2013 after having been married for nine years.