Prairie Village ‘Committee Structure Review Committee’ recommends eliminating committees


The Prairie Village City Council this week began considering recommendations for revamping the city’s committee structure — though the group that produced the document decided against making recommendations for changes to the Planning Commission, the group whose makeup has prompted dissent from some of the more recently elected councilors.

The city’s Committee Structure Review Committee (I’m sure there’s fodder for a Dilbert cartoon in there somewhere…) recommended eliminating one committee, the Home Owners Associations Committee, entirely. It also recommended shifting the responsibilities of four other committees to city staff. Those committees are: the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory committee, the Animal Control Board, the Communications Committee and the Board of Code Appeals.

The group of city staff and City Council members who conducted the review of the city’s committee structure noted that many of these committees hadn’t met for several years, or that issues that concerned them were so infrequent that having a full committee of citizen volunteers was not efficient.

The CSR’s report also suggested the city consider a major revamp to its Municipal Foundation, and shift responsibilities for events like VillageFest and JazzFest under a Municipal Foundation that could be renamed the Arts and Community Foundation.

The council took no action on the CSR’s recommendations Monday.

See the document summarizing their suggestions below.