Roeland Park council approves restructuring to administrative team

Roeland Park city hall

The Roeland Park City Council this week adopted a restructuring of the administrative team that, without adding employees, will change job descriptions for the city clerk and director of finance.

Debra Mootz, who has resigned, has held both of those titles. The proposal from City Administrator Aaron Otto creates a city clerk position and a director of finance and assistant city administrator. The city clerk’s position is expected to be filled internally. The city administrator position will have responsibilities for neighborhood development and economic development in the city.

Otto told the council that the new job descriptions are similar to arrangements in neighboring cities. He said work-life balance among the administration team may be responsible for some recent turnover. Some functions, such as preparation of minutes, will be outsourced to free up time for the additional administrative duties by the city clerk. The total annual cost to budget is estimated at $30,000. The council approved the change unanimously.