New scam involves access to your computer over phone, Mission business warns

shutterstock_120348208A scam involving access to your computer is apparently making the rounds. In this version, someone calls purporting to be from a major company and says they are noticing errors or viruses on the computer.

The caller asks you to let them on your machine and then tries to convince you to pay them to clean it up. Larry Goodman of Computer Solutions in Mission  says that customers have been getting these calls from people who say they are with Microsoft, Dell, Time Warner or other recognized companies. They will even show you logs of errors.

“This is a fraud,” Goodman says. “Every computer has a log of errors that occur and they are normal. These people are very good at convincing you to pay them money when nothing is wrong.” They ask for $200 to $300 to have the machine repaired remotely, he says.

No one can see if you are having errors without direct access to your computer, Goodman says, and no legitimate company will call to fix something without a pre-arrangement.