Northeast Johnson County morning roundup


Open carry legal in Prairie Village starting today. The Prairie Village city council’s move to repeal its regulation on openly carried weapons in public spaces takes effect today. The council was forced to remove its open carry ban to comply with a new state law that takes away cities rights to regulate firearms and other weapons.

Paul Krugman takes look at “Charlatans, cranks and Kansas”.The New York Times’ economics columnist Paul Krugman used his latest column to explore the political motivations for the tax cuts enacted by Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration. “There’s an important lesson here — but it’s not what you think. Yes, the Kansas debacle shows that tax cuts don’t have magical powers, but we already knew that. The real lesson from Kansas is the enduring power of bad ideas, as long as those ideas serve the interests of the right people,” he writes. [Charlatans, cranks and Kansas — The New York Times]

Extra trash day in Fairway Monday. Fairway residents can set out more than the usual limit of 96 gallons of trash on July 7. It is one of the designated dates with Town and Country Disposal when the $1.25 bag tags are not required. The next unlimited trash collection day is December 29. The day is for trash only and not for bulk items.

Fairway ready for street work. Fairway’s capital improvement program for 2014 includes repaving and spot curb replacement on four sections of street this summer: 58th Street (Mission Road to cul-de-sac); 60th Street (Mission to Roe); 61st Street (Reinhardt to Mission) and Reinhardt (Eastvale to 63rd Street). Residents who will be affected will receive a door hangar from the contractor 48 hours before the construction begins.