Google Fiber installation predicted for Roeland Park homes by end of year

Google Fiber plans to offer installations to homes in Roeland Park by the end of the year. That was the message delivered to the Roeland Park City Council Monday at a specially-called council meeting to approve a variance for Google utility boxes.

fiber-rabbitConstruction is now under way in Roeland Park on the network that will support fiber to individual homes. Rachel Merlo of Google Fiber’s Kansas City team told the council that the company is ready to begin work above ground in the Roeland Park. That construction should finish by the end of July, she said, and the goal is to have installation ready to subscriber homes in Roeland Park this year. The schedule for Fiberhood rallies is a marketing decision, she said.

To begin the above-ground construction, Google needed a variance for the size of about a dozen utility boxes that it will be placing in either on public property or in the public utility easements that run behind homes. The Google cabinets exceeded the Roeland Park right-of-way ordinance by one inch on just one of its dimensions. The variance was granted unanimously.

Most of the boxes are 17 by 34 by 17 inches. Vaults for underground service also are being placed in front of some houses, but those are flush to the ground. Google contractors have been at work in Roeland Park and Westwood laying underground fiber in recent weeks.