Our questions for the Kansas House of Representatives primary candidates


Each election cycle, we ask you, our readers to submit questions on the issues you want to hear the candidates address. We received more than two dozen responses to our various calls for candidate questions, and based on that input, we’ve developed the following five-item questionnaire for the candidates in the District 19 and District 21 Republican primaries — incumbent Stephanie Clayton and challenger Jennifer Flood, and incumbent Barbara Bollier and challenger Neil Melton, respectively.

The questions are as follows:

  • 1.) Following the tax cuts of the 2012 session of the Legislature, Kansas has faced increasingly difficult budget situations — and the issue is being compounded by the fact that actual state revenues are millions of dollars below what was projected when the cuts were made. Providing that revenues do not bounce back very soon, what solutions would you support moving forward?
  • 2. ) How long have you lived in the district? If you’ve lived in the district less than five years, what factors led you to choose it as your home? If you’ve lived in the district more than five years, what factors have led you to stay?
  • 3.) Shawnee Mission School District has closed buildings, reduced the teaching staff, and increased the guidelines for class sizes in the last few years trying to manage a loss in state revenue. Do you believe that voters in each district should be able to raise unlimited funds locally beyond what the state provides – or returns – to the districts?
  • 4.) Should the state expand Medicaid to take advantage of federal dollars and get more Kansans healthcare under the Medicaid system? If not, what strategies should the state employ to get more Kansans healthcare coverage?
  • 5.) Do you support the idea of repealing Common Core in Kansas? Why or why not?

We’ll be running the candidates responses to one of these questions each day from July 14 though 18.

Thanks to everyone who submitted question ideas — we’re looking forward to publishing the candidates’ responses.