Our questions for the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Candidates

big_2008-09-01-01-49-40_Johnson-County-Administrat2As with the Kansas House races, we’re putting out a questionnaire to the candidates on the ballot for the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners primaries this August. Specifically, we’ll be asking the candidates for Johnson County Commission Chair (Ed Eilert, Patricia Lightner and Ed Peterson) and District 1 Commissioner (Alex DiCarlo, Laura McConwell, Mark Nauser, Rachel Sciolaro and Ron Shaffer).

Here’s our questionnaire. We’ll be running the candidates’ responses to one item per day starting Monday, July 14.

  • 1.) This year, the county is considering a (very) small property tax increase for the first time in nearly a decade as the state’s revenue situation — and its impact on the counties — becomes less clear. What is your assessment of the county’s overall financial position? Where do the biggest threats to the county’s financial stability lie?
  • 2.) A recent report at a United Community Services summit revealed that poverty in Johnson County has more than doubled in the last decade. More individuals are now living in poverty in Johnson County than in Wyandotte County. What should the county be doing to confront growing poverty here?
  • 3.) What is the best plan for the King Louie building the county purchased in 2011?
  • 4.) What are your goals for cultivating a strong cultural identity for Johnson County in the next four years? What role should the arts play in Johnson County’s cultural identity, and how should the county be supporting the arts community?
  • 5.) Much has been made in recent years about the “economic border war” between Kansas and Missouri — but Johnson County and Jackson County are integral parts of a unified metropolitan area. Are there steps Johnson County should be taking to better collaborate with Jackson County for the benefit of the entire Kansas City area?

Thanks again to everyone who sent in question ideas!