Homestead area residents continue push for park, no decision on action from Prairie Village

Approximately 6 acres of Homestead's 15 acres property are for sale.
Approximately 6 acres of Homestead’s 15 acres property are for sale.

More than a dozen Homestead area residents showed up at Monday’s Prairie Village City Council meeting as part of the neighborhood’s continued push for the city to purchase the east acres of Homestead Country Club and turn it into a park.

But despite the neighbors’ lobbying, the city doesn’t appear ready to make a move on the property just yet.

After a handful of the residents had made comments during the open forum urging the city to purchase the property, City Administrator Quinn Bennion read a brief statement informing the audience that no decisions have been made yet.

“City officials have been in communication with Homestead representatives for the past nine months,” Bennion said. “As with most potential reuses of property, there is a number of items to be discussed. When and if the city decides to participate in an active role in the future of that property, that will be done in a public announcement.”

Kristin Searle, a Homestead Country Club member who lives in the area as well, said after Bennion’s comments that she felt it was important that the city separate the future of the country club from the decision on the purchase of the green space for parkland.

“This is the last opportunity to have a substantial park in our ward,” she said. “We deserve that.”