Buckle up! PV police starting Click It or Ticket campaign Monday

Buckle up, NEJC. Because the Prairie Village police are on the lookout for people violating the state’s seatbelt laws.

Seat_Belts_Click_itStarting today, Prairie Village police will be participating in the annual Kansas Click It or Ticket campaign, during which 150 law enforcement agencies from across the state aggressively enforce seatbelt laws, which require that all occupants in a vehicle must be restrained.

“When you don’t buckle up yourself, or require your passengers to buckle up, you’re making the decision for yourself, your passengers, and the families and friends of each of you that the drivers you encounter on the road are not going to be critically affected by drug or medical impairment, sleepiness, cell phone conversations, texting, sloshing coffee, the radio dial or kids fighting in the back seat,” said Capt. Wes Lovett.

The Click It or Ticket campaign will run through June 1. Funds to support the extra patrols come in part from a grand from the Kansas Department of Transportation.