Food on Friday: Strawberry milk the healthy way


By Julia Westhoff

Spring is the winningest season here in Prairie Village, don’t ya think? I can never get over how the tulips seem to know to bloom exactly at Easter time (no matter that the date changes every year) and how the world changes from brown to green overnight.

My other favorite thing to do in the spring is to gorge myself on strawberries. They are so cheap, so yummy and so healthy it seems wrong not to. I love to use them in ice cream, juices, smoothies, jams and syrups – you name it, I’ve done it. So I was especially excited to see this recipe pop up on my Pinterest page – strawberry almond milk.

A warning – this is not going to taste anything like that Nestle Strawberry Milk you might have had as a kid. I doubt that stuff contained anything resembling an actual strawberry. This beautiful beverage is more like a drinkable yogurt or a light smoothie – I think it would be perfect at a Mother’s Day brunch, a baby shower, or a children’s birthday party.

Spring has sprung! Enjoy it.

Strawberry Milk
From The Local Rose

1 cup of almonds soaked in water over night
3 1/2 cups of water
1 carton of strawberries
2 tbs of honey
a dash of vanilla

Blend almonds and water until the almonds are very fine. Strain through cheese cloth and squeeze all the liquid out. Place the strained milk back in the blender and add the strawberries, honey, and vanilla and blend again to desired consistency.