Stranger tells Indian Hills student to get in his truck; school sends warning to parents

Indian_Hills_Circle_DriveFor the second time in just over a week, Indian Hills is informing parents about a potentially dangerous encounter between a student coming to or going from school and a stranger.

A white man who appeared to be in his 50s in a black pickup truck told a student waiting at a bus stop this morning to get into his vehicle. The student refused. The school sent the following notice regarding the incident:

I want to inform you of a concerning report regarding a stranger approaching an Indian Hills’ student at a bus stop this morning (Friday, April 18, 2014). The student reported that an unidentified man driving a black pick-up truck with mustard-yellow colored hub caps, tinted windows, and a trailer hitch turned onto 87th Terrace from Nall and stopped in front of the student. The man reportedly rolled down the window and told the student to get into the truck. The student refused and threatened to call the police, prompting the man to drive off. The man is described as an older white male with a gray beard wearing a white T-shirt and glasses. A report has been made to the Overland Park and Prairie Village Police Departments, and they are investigating. Both police departments will provide extra patrols in the area. As a precaution, staff members will take a moment to review safety procedures with students, and we encourage you to review them at home as well. Anyone with information regarding the possible identify of this individual or about the truck is asked to contact the Overland Park or Prairie Village police departments. We appreciate the efforts of our students, parents, community members, and public safety partners to keep our schools and community safe.

Last Friday, two girls walking home from school had a disturbing encounter with a Hispanic man in a gold pickup.