It’s spring! A look at the trees in bloom around northeast Johnson County


(Yesterday’s snow notwithstanding…) it’s spring in northeast Johnson County! And we’re in the thick of the spring bloom on local trees and shrubs.

A reader sent us a note over the weekend inquiring about which species were providing the lovely color, so we thought we’d check in with Johnson County K-State Research and Extension Horticulture Agent Dennis Patton to get the scoop. Below are pictures of some of the most common flowering trees and shrubs in the area:


Says Patton: “Saucer Magnolia, large showy pink flowers prior to leafing out.”


“Ornamental pear. Nice spring flowering tree. A common name people use for this plant is Bradford Pear as it was the first variety on the market, now there are other ornamental pears. This plant is also now invasive as it reseeds freely.”


“Redbud Tree, a staple for spring color.”


“Forsythia, and properly pruned. A lot of people shear this plant into a ball to control size and lose the flowers. This is a nice display.”


“Flowering Quince. An old fashion shrub that is getting new life as many new varieties are hitting the market. Nicely pruned for best display.”

Did we miss any? If you’ve seen a flowering tree or shrub and can’t figure out what it is, send us a picture and we’ll see if we can identify it. (Or, more accurately, we’ll see if Dennis can identify it).