Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

fiber-rabbitGoogle files application for Mission hut. Google has filed an application for a Fiber hut to place in Mission as part of the build out of its network in Johnson County. The city says Google is considering two locations for the hut, both on city-owned property. One is behind Target and the other is in the parking lot area across from city hall at Woodson and Martway. Staff is currently reviewing the application. The huts are a component necessary to getting a network ready to offer service to northeast Johnson County communities.

Incoming Mission mayor Schowengerdt says his concern is with “spending foolishly.” Mission’s mayor-elect Steve Schowengerdt told The Pitch in an interview that some people have an inaccurate view of his position on city spending. “I really do think there were so many misconceptions and misinformation (during the campaign) like, I wasn’t going to fix the streets or spend any money. That’s not true,” Schowengerdt tells The Pitch. “Infrastructure, of course, you want to keep it up. I don’t want to spend foolishly, that’s all. Some of the projects, there was some wasted money.” [Mission voters seem to favor a new direction, elect Steve Schowengerdt mayor — The Pitch]

North senior wins ROTC scholarship. SM North senior Anna Whitaker, the commanding officer of the nationally-recognized NJROTC unit at SM North this year, has received a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship to attend the Virginia Military Institute this fall. The scholarship is valued at $180,000 and only nine percent of all applicants are awarded the scholarship.

Rose paints positive picture of Eilert’s “State of the County.” Steve Rose used his weekly column to highlight what he views as the solid state of affairs in Johnson County that county chair Ed Eilert discussed in his “State of the County” address last week. But Rose notes that Eilert didn’t mention two controversial topics in his speech: public transportation and education. “Eilert chose not to dwell on two of the county’s pressing issues. Our school funding from Kansas continues to be woefully inadequate. The state’s antiquated school finance formula continues to punish our schools, particularly Shawnee Mission. This pinch has made it all the more difficult for districts like Shawnee Mission to adapt to a rapidly changing population, where the less fortunate make up a sizable portion of students to be served…One of the most controversial issues facing the county is public transit, not a topic Eilert touched on…There will be a healthy debate on this issue in the upcoming election for county chair.” [For the county as a whole it doesn’t get any better than this — Kansas City Star]