Northeast Johnson County Morning Roundup

Colonial Church's Aaron Roberts blessed the GameOn walkers before their trek.
Colonial Church’s Aaron Roberts blessed the GameOn walkers before their trek.

Johnson Countians complete walk to Topeka in support of schools. Five people completed a trek all the way from Johnson County to Topeka Monday in support of GameOn for Kansas Schools and the organization’s goal of increased spending in the classroom. Heather Ousley, who made the walk last year, said this year’s trip and the attention it received brought her a “leap of hope.” GameOn Executive Director Judith Deedy told the Topeka Capital Journal the stakes are high in the school funding debate. “We are parents, teachers and other concerned community members from across Kansas. We have all been drawn to this cause by the realization our students are not being given the support they need. The number of Kansas students in need is rising…School opportunities do not repeat themselves. When the opportunity for a formal education passes, then for most it is likely gone,” she said.
[Education advocates walk the walk to support K-12 spending — Topeka Capital Journal]

Committee Chair resigns over school funding bill. Kansas House Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. March Rhoades, R-Newton, stepped down from that position Monday as debate intensified over how the legislature would respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling that the state needed to restore $129 million in funding to Kansas schools. Rhoades resigned in protest over how the bill was being handled by House leaders. “None of the spending is tied to measurable education outcomes,” Rhoades said in a statement. “I regret I see no option but, respectfully, to resign as chair of appropriations to allow leadership to forward.” [Kansas House Panel Leader Marc Rhoades quits over school bill — Kansas City Star]

Construction in Mission could reroute voters heading to polls. Voters headed to the polls in Mission today might need to keep a lookout for a possible street closure on Lamar.  Contractors are getting close to running the new storm water boxes across the south side of Lamar along Johnson Drive which would temporarily close Lamar to traffic on the south side. Polling places are at Sylvester Powell and at the county building for Wards 2 and 3.