Our questions for the Westwood City Council candidates

Jay Senter - March 10, 2014 2:17 pm

Walmart_MarketAnd last but not least, our final questionnaire for the April municipal elections in northeast Johnson County (see our questionnaire for the Prairie Village candidates here and the Mission candidates here).

We’ll be submitting the questions below to the candidates for the Westwood City Council today, and we’ll be running their answers March 24-26:

  1. The 47th Street corridor has seen some activity redevelopment activity, and now there are new proposals to spur residential and possibly commercial investment in the area. What do you believe to be the city’s role in supporting redevelopment and where is it needed most?
  2. What are the primary challenges or opportunities in keeping Westwood an attractive place for families and having a strong residential community? How would you address those?
  3. Recently, several NEJC cities came together to talk about collaboration/consolidation in public safety and law enforcement. What is your view of Westwood moving forward with this concept? Would you like to see Westwood collaborate with other cities in other areas of government (public works, waste management, etc…)?

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