Broken main in PV makes for icy, long night for WaterOne crews

Ice along the street after water main break in Prairie Village
The curb was packed with hard ice Tuesday morning after Monday’s water main break near the intersection of 69th Street and Granada in Prairie Village.

A water main break near 69th Street and Granada in Prairie Village made for a long, cold night for repair crews.

A six-inch main serving approximately 20 houses broke Monday evening, sending a flood of water that quickly froze into a wide patch of ice along the street. WaterOne crews were at work well past midnight locating the main break and repairing it, and were able to restore water service by 3 a.m. Crews also spent time clearing much of the swath of ice left by the break from the street.

“A very late, cold, wet night but we’re happy that our customers are waking up with water this morning!” writes WaterOne spokeswoman Mandy Cawby.

Cawby said the cause of the break was likely the ground shifting that accompanies freezing and thawing cycles common in this kind of weather.