Redevelopment of Keystone property along Johnson Drive stalled since summer

The old Keystone auto dealership property in Mission has been targeted for redevelopment. Photo by Daniel M. Blom
The old Keystone auto dealership property in Mission was the target for a redevelopment project that now appears to be stalled. Photo by Daniel M. Blom

The Cornerstone Commons project to redevelop the Keystone auto dealership site along Johnson Drive in Mission has been hanging in limbo for months and the city may close down the proposal currently on the table in February.

Developer Dave Christie submitted a proposal to redevelop the property last summer. Among the tenants at the site were an organic grocer and a restaurant. At the time he came before the council, Christie said he was ready to close on the property and start construction. The council held a public hearing on his proposal for a Community Improvement District that would have allowed use of an increased sales tax at the site to help pay for development.

However, council members had expressed concern about the use of a CID for the project and it was not clear enough support existed on the council to approve a CID. The council has not taken a vote on the CID or development proposal.

Martin Rivarola, Mission’s Community Development Director, said the project appears to be at a standstill. Rather than let the CID petition sit idly for an indefinite time, the city may ask the council to close it down with a final action, perhaps as early as the February meeting.

Last summer, the developer had been asked to revise his proposed development agreement because of several provisions. Among the issues were a phased in compliance with with the plan approved by the planning commission and a clawback provision that would effectively have allowed the developer to forgo some of the CID money if he did not comply with the approved plans.

Christie did not respond to requests for comments about the status of the project.