Mission business offers services free for two years to promote downtown and Johnson Drive

Dan Blom - January 21, 2014 10:00 am
Kevin Fullerton has offered the services of his company to promote downtown Mission and Johnson Drive businesses.
Kevin Fullerton, in his Springboard Creative office, has offered the services of his company to promote downtown Mission and Johnson Drive businesses.

One Johnson Drive businessman who moved his business to Mission believes in the potential of downtown and its main artery so much that he is donating his company’s services to promote it and help it through the coming construction.

Kevin Fullerton moved his business, Springboard Creative, to Johnson Drive because he liked the feel and the potential. He wants other people to be excited about downtown Mission as well and he wants to help other businesses attract customers. He is offering to donate the creative services of his company to the city for two years.

That donation will not only help the city get through the upcoming construction for the rebuild of the street from storefront to storefront that will last most of this year, but for at least a year after construction ends and the new streetscape is in place.

“Downtown Mission’s image affects the city’s appeal as a place to live,” Fullerton told the city council last week. “We are going to live and die by what people think of Johnson Drive. But we can help shape that.”

Fullerton says he wants to create a Johnson Drive promotional campaign that can help direct traffic during construction and build anticipation for a new downtown. Being the direct link from the anticipated Gateway development to the new Ikea store in Merriam may help bring some of those customers into downtown.

“Why not have people excited about what’s going on,” Fullerton asked. The city might have some hard costs for signs or banners, but all the design and creative work will be free. Fullerton says the idea is bigger than just Springboard and he hopes other professionals and businesses will become involved in the eftort.

But he doesn’t want a committee that will slow down the work. His goal, he says, is “to make downtown Mission a destination.” He is ready to go. And now he has the council’s blessing to get started.

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