Water main break leads to ‘hose gone wild’ on Mission Road

The break of a 24-inch transitional water main near the intersection of Mission Road and Tomahawk Road in Prairie Village Friday eventually sent a high-pressure water hose into the air where it sprayed  water all over the area.

Reader Steven R. sent us the following video:

The hose was in “snake-charmer” mode for approximately 15 minutes, says WaterOne spokeswoman Mandy Cawby. Crews had been working to repair the main break, and were attempting to complete one of the repair’s final steps — flushing the main out with fresh water — when the incident occurred. Because the main was a transitional main, which feeds other large mains in the system, it had a higher pressure than the typical mains crews work with. Cawby said the crew underestimated the pressure in the line, leading to the wayward hose. She added that WaterOne doesn’t believe the incident cause any overuse or loss of water; the flushing step is standard procedure at the end of a main fix to ensure only clean water remains in the system.