Who can top 301? Fifth annual Lancer Free Throw Derby returns Sunday

Rae Ehly drained 229 free throws in last year's derby.
Rae Ehly drained 229 free throws in last year’s derby.

Kids: I don’t care how cold it is outside. Get a broom, brush some of that snow off the driveway, knock the icicles from the rim, and work in a few hours of free throw practice! (Or, I suppose, if you’re of a weak composition, you could do it in a gym. Wimp).

Because the fifth annual Lancer Free Throw Derby is coming up on Saturday!

The event, which raises funds for the SM East boys and girls basketball teams, gets players to find local residents to sponsor them and pledge a donation for each free throw they make over the course of 20 minutes. The average shooters make between 100 and 200 shots during their sessions – but the marksmen and women out there can get over 200 pretty quickly.

Last year, senior Rae Ehly netted 229 shots to lead the varsity women, while senior Vance Wentz netted 260 to lead the varsity men.

But last year’s winner? That was Davis Morrison, who nailed a remarkable 301 free throws in 20 minutes as a freshman.

Can Morrison top that number in his sophomore effort? We’ll find out Sunday. The event runs 4-6 p.m. in the SM East gym.

Remember: Bend with your knees, and follow through with your shooting hand, people!