Mission’s Johnson Drive rebuild contract limits disruption to parking during project

Utility crews were at work as usual on Johnson Drive Friday morning. Drivers sometimes find it difficult to negotiate the cones into business parking.
Utility crews have been a constant on Johnson Drive for much of 2013.

While businesses, customers and commuters have been inconvenienced by the months of utility work along Johnson Drive in Mission, the construction bid for the project puts a number of restrictions on the contractor that will attempt to limit the disruption in 2014.

After utility work is finished, the next phase will be rebuilding the roadway and putting in a new storm sewer under the street that will move water from Lamar to Rock Creek. However, the sewer installation, unlike the most of the utility work, is scheduled to be done at night: between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. The sewer work must be completed in 80 calendar days.

The effect on parking also is limited in the contract. Only one block of angled parking can be taken out of service at any time during the sewer installation. Also, during the project, Johnson Drive will be open to traffic with at least one lane each direction.

When the roadway work begins, the eastbound lanes and parking must be completed by July 1. Only half the angled parking on the south side of the street can be out of service at any time during the road reconstruction phase.

The westbound lanes and parking are in the third phase and have to be completed in 90 calendar days. It has the same restriction on keeping parking open. After each of the roadway reconstruction phases, the contractor must open the street to traffic on base asphalt.

During the sidewalk reconstruction, the contract only allows two blocks to be removed at a time. Each side of the street has 60 days for sidewalk replacement.

The final surface and road markings must be completed by October 1. The city has been holding block meetings for Johnson Drive businesses to talk about the issues surrounding the rebuild. The utility work on Johnson Drive this year has drawn some complaints about access to businesses for motorists, pedestrian access across closed intersections, and the closing of the street. WaterOne is anticipating four to six more weeks of work. Other utilities are finishing up their projects as well.

Johnson Drive will be rebuilt from storefront to storefront. Much of Martway was resurfaced this past summer.