How we spent our snowy Sunday in northeast Johnson County

The first official day of winter brought with it the first official round of winter weather, leaving a perfect blanket of snow over northeast Johnson County Sunday morning.

Here are a few pics readers (and the author) took around town:

I’m proud to say that the sledding crew was the first on the slope at SM East Sunday morning, taking advantage of the unblemished hill from the sophomore lot down to the baseball practice field:


But we weren’t the only ones with the idea to have some fun, of course. Reader Elizabeth Ferguson sent in this shot of (from left) Henry Bair, Jack Ferguson and Joe Ferguson enjoying the snow on Juniper Drive.


Snow means work, too, though, and Rachel Best’s family got an assist in clearing the driveway from one of its younger members:


While you were toiling away, SM East football coach Dustin Delaney was living it up at Arrowhead Stadium, where he was recognized in front of the crowd as Chiefs Coach of the Year along with Pleasant Hill’s Kyle Roach:


(Too bad he didn’t get to see a better game…)

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