Fairway crowns ‘Bright Nights’ holiday display contest winner

Friends: Gather round. For it is the season of merriment. And there is perhaps no more seasonal expression of said merriment than the festive Christmas lights that adorn the shrubs and gutters of homes throughout greater northeast Johnson County.

The winning display.
The winning display.

It’s one thing to throw up a strand or two of plain ol’ white twinklers. It’s another to put the whole of your creative energy into transforming your home into the physical embodiment of the Christmas spirit. But just who is…the best when it come to holiday lights?

Well sir, in Fairway, the good people of the Parks and Rec department make sure there is no debate about it. With their annual “Bright Nights Holiday Lights” trolley ride, the city gives residents the chance to view some of the most elaborate displays in the city, and then vote on who gets the bragging rights for best display.

Last week, Fairway announced its winning home. And it is: 4000 57th Street!

Huzzah, huzzah and onward! (And additional congrats to the proprietors of the display at 5745 Cherokee Drive, which received an honorable mention).

Thank you, owners of 4000 W 57th Street, for making our holidays a little brighter. And thank you especially for finally giving me an excuse to post a link on PVPost to the video for Tenacious D’s “To Be the Best.”