New Village Shops building should be ‘substantially complete’ in January; Starbucks to open around April

The new building is expected to be "substantially complete" by mid-January.
The new building is expected to be “substantially complete” by mid-January.

If things move forward according to plan, the new building at the Village Shops will be substantially complete in mid-January with the new Starbucks ready to open there around April — and major improvements along Mission Lane set to begin in the spring as well.

Lega-C property group’s Kylie Stock on Monday gave the Prairie Village City Council a status report on the projects planned for 2014 at both the Village Shops and Corinth Square as part of the company’s annual update regarding the Community Improvement Districts that are in large part funding the redevelopments.

Stock told the council that progress on the new Village Shops building had been delayed by two factors: poor soil that was unsuitable to build upon and a maze of unmapped wastewater lines underneath the site that needed to be accounted for before construction could begin.

When the building is complete, Stock said, they company will turn 2,700 square feet of it over to Starbucks for tenant improvements. The company does not have a lease in place yet for the remaining space in the building – though it’s not from lack of interest, Stock said. The company is receiving inquiries on the space frequently, but many of the inquiries have been for restaurants with a concept similar to something already established in the area.

“We don’t want something that isn’t going to add something different to the Village,” Stock said.

(The company did have a letter of intent from a breakfast and lunch concept to open in the new building, but the deal fell through).

Once Starbucks vacates its current space, Lega-C will be able to turn over control of both the Starbuck suite and the suite previously occupied by Dolce to Einstein Bros., which Stock says has a targeted open date of September 2014.

The substantial infrastructure improvements along Mission Lane are expected to begin in the spring as well, and are expected to be completed around November 2014. Stock told the council that the planned expansion of Hen House at the Village had been tabled for the moment, but that the Ball family and the property owners would restart discussions on the expansion and possible timing after the first of the year.

The total cost of the new building construction at the Village Shops is estimated at $1.7 million. The Mission Lane renovations are budgeted at $2.5 million.

Stock also told the council that the property owners are hoping to do a “facelift” on the Hattie’s Coffee building at Corinth in 2014 that would bring the structure more in line with the center’s newly renovated buildings. The facelift would include facade improvements and new signage.