Roeland Park Deputy Chief Morris surprised with award for aiding resident with home repair

Good deeds do sometimes get their rewards. And Roeland Park Deputy Police Chief John Morris got his reward Monday night for a good deed that he orchestrated earlier this month.

John Morris and Dennis 'Pops' Bell on the day of the house project.
John Morris (R) and Dennis ‘Pops’ Bell on the day of the house project.

Roeland Park Police Chief Rex Taylor surprised Morris at Monday night’s city council meeting by presenting him the Civic Achievement Award. The official description says, “The Civic Achievement Award may be presented to members of the Roeland Park Police Department who bring favorable recognition to the Department through their involvement in a civic affairs project or program which improves the quality of life in the community.”

Morris had organized a group of businesses and off duty officers to help fix up a home owned by an 83-year-old Roeland Park resident. Taylor was on vacation when Morris learned of the resident’s plight and organized the work crew.

“I told him to take care of business while I was gone,” Taylor said, “and he did.” Morris received a standing ovation from the audience and council. The award includes a medal that can be worn on his dress uniform.

Taylor also gave certificates to City Clerk Debra Mootz and City Administrator Aaron Otto for their roles in the project. Morris will take over as chief when Taylor retires in December.