Prairie Village mayor hopes to have David Morrison replacement seated by Jan. 1

David Morrison
David Morrison

Prairie Village mayor Ron Shaffer on Monday told that he hopes to have a replacement for ousted Ward 5 city councilor David Morrison seated before the end of the year.

Shaffer has interviewed one candidate who has expressed interest in the role, and says there are two other candidates he may consider for the position as well.

City attorney Catherine Logan said she has not received official word that Morrison’s attorneys have filed an appeal against Judge David Hauber’s decision to kick Morrison from the council based on the October 2012 incident when he opened up City Hall as a temporary residence to a homeless friend with a drug problem. Morrison’s attorneys had sought to prevent the city from seating a replacement councilor until the appeals process was complete, but the trial judge refused to grant a stay.

Morrison isn’t fading into the background, though. He was the only person to speak during the public comment portion of Monday’s council meeting, protesting the idea of pay for council members in an apparent response to the poll on the issue earlier this month.

“If and when I return to the council,” he said, “I will work to ensure council members do not receive any renumeration.”