Prairie Village City Councilor Michael Kelly moving to Canada, stepping down from seat

Someone planted a small Canadian flag on the desk of Michael Kelly's city council seat Monday.
Someone planted a small Canadian flag on the desk of Michael Kelly’s city council seat Monday.

Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Prairie Village City Councilor Michael Kelly, a twice-elected incumbent who challenged Ron Shaffer for the mayor’s seat in 2011, has informed city officials he will be moving to Canada in February.

Kelly, who has not made a public appearance since early September, had said he was planning to return to his council duties Monday — but ended up missing his fourth meeting in a row. He sent the following message to City Administrator Quinn Bennion on Sunday:

It is with a deep appreciation for the City of PV – and with gratitude to the the people of PV and Ward 3 -that I must announce that Jenelle and I will be moving to her native Canada.

It is our aim to be fully transitioned to Nova Scotia by the middle to end of February. As such – I will be stepping down from the Council early next year – February 7th.

Jenelle and I will be maintaining my home here in PV. We look forward to returning to the city we admire and the friends and family we love.

Kelly’s absences combined with the vacant seat left by the ouster of David Morrison have put the council in something of a bind, leaving them short of voters on matters that have set vote thresholds. A developer seeking approval of a plan off 75th Street asked the council to table consideration of their item, which required seven votes for approval, because only eight councilors attended Monday’s meeting.