STANDEES unveils concept tweaks to appeal to Prairie Village-area families

The poster for "Frozen" outside STANDEES has already drawn considerable attention from Village Shops patrons, says Justin Scott.
The poster for “Frozen” outside STANDEES has already drawn considerable attention from Village Shops patrons, says Justin Scott.

Five months after opening its debut location at The Village Shops, STANDEES is rolling out a string of tweaks to its concept designed to address patron feedback.

Chief among them: The restaurant-theater combo will be adding kids movies to its entertainment lineup and a new children’s menu to its food offerings. Additionally, STANDEES has consolidated its adult menus, and is blowing out its happy hour, which will now run 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week throughout the entire facility (bar, restaurant, patio and theaters).

“Our goal is to deliver on the concept of ‘A restaurant that entertains you,'” said STANDEES’ Chief Marketing Officer Justin Scott. “Like any business, you react to what you find the market is looking for. And early on, it was clear that Prairie Village is very family centric.”

STANDEES’ first foray into children’s programming will come later this month when it begins a run of Disney’s new movie “Frozen,” which debuts Nov. 27. Children’s tickets for the film — which will run in 3D (STANDEES will have kid-sized 3D glasses) — are $4.75.

Scott stressed that while children’s films will now be part of the entertainment mix, the company will be focused on keeping an adult-oriented atmosphere in the evenings. Kid-targeted films will likely have their last starts of the day by 6 p.m., and they are much more likely to run during the holiday season and over the summer, when kids have time off from school.

The menu changes, as well, reflect a desire to better serve the adult crowd and cater to the Prairie Village market, Scott said. Gone are the four separate menus that used to be available in different parts of the facility at different times — the restaurant menu, the bar menu, the dessert menu and the happy hour menu. Instead, there is now a single menu for the entire facility, and it features new healthier options.

“We found that, in this area particularly, people exercise and are health conscious, and we wanted to offer new options to appeal to these people,” he said. “We’ve added a lot more salads.”

The menu also features options labeled “Entertaining Eats” — dishes that have some tie to the motion picture industry. (For example, the Big Kahuna Burger. “Mmmmm! This is a tasty burger!”)

“We want people to know that, you don’t have to come here just to see a movie,” Scott said. “We’ve got a great restaurant for lunch and dinner anytime, and it will be an entertaining experience.”