Keep Shawnee Mission West in your thoughts today


The Shawnee Mission West community is again today coping with the loss of a talented student.

Houston St. John, a 17-year-old junior at the school, died Tuesday afternoon in a car accident on I-435 in Lenexa. The driver of the other car in the accident was uninjured.

St. John was a gifted singer and performer known throughout the school for his show-stopping appearances in theatre productions. He was also a linebacker on SM West’s vaunted football team — and his death comes just one month and one day after his teammate Andre Maloney passed away after suffering a stroke on the field.

Below are videos highlighting the unique talents of two Shawnee Mission students who had much more to contribute than their short time allowed. Please keep the St. John and Maloney families and the entire SM West community in your thoughts today.