Prescription drug ‘take back day’ at Fairway Hen House, Prairie Village Police Department Saturday

If you have unwanted prescription drugs that have accumulated in the house, you can get rid of them Saturday at the Fairway Hen House and the Prairie Village Police Department. The “Prescription Drug Take Back Day” is a county-wide effort sponsored by local law enforcement agencies.

Drug graphicFrom 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. a uniformed Fairway police officer will be on hand inside the Hen House store next to the pharmacy. All you have to do is drop your items in the box: no forms to fill out or questions to answer. The box will be held at the police department until it can be shipped to an EPA-approved incinerator and destroyed.

In Prairie Village, people can simply pull into the circle drive outside city hall between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and officers will be available to collect unwanted prescriptions.

Drugs can stay in their plastic or glass containers and pre-loaded syringes are accepted with the needles removed. Veterinary drugs are OK, but inhalers should not be included.

Here is the advice on how to handle needles from Fairway police:
Q: What should I do with the needles from the syringes that cannot be accepted?  Place the syringes in an empty hard plastic container. Screw the cap back on and secure with tape and write “SHARPS” on the container with a marker for disposal at the Drop Off Site or place it outside with your trash disposal just prior to pick up.

Other questions should be addressed to Fairway Police Chief Mike Fleming at 913-262-2364.