Prairie Village, Mission, Westwood, Leawood have city elections in 2014

If it seems like we have an election of some sort almost every year, it’s because we do. And coming up next will be municipal elections in four northeast Johnson County communities.

Mission Mayor Laura McConwell's seat is just one of several municipal positions up for election in 2014.
Mission Mayor Laura McConwell’s seat is just one of several municipal positions up for election in 2014.

Prairie Village, Mission, Westwood and Leawood will all have elections in 2014, with the filing period starting yet this year. In Mission and Leawood, longtime mayors Laura McConwell and Peggy Dunn’s positions will be up for election.

In Prairie Village, Mission and Leawood each ward will see one of the two city council positions up for election. In Westwood, it is three council members who are elected at-large.

If a primary is needed in any of these races, it will be held on February 25. The general election for the city positions is April 1. Candidates file at their respective city halls and the deadline for filing is January 21.

The following are the current city councilors whose positions are up for re-election:
Prairie Village – Dale Warman, Steve Noll, Michael Kelly, Laura Wassmer, Charles Clark, David Belz
Mission – Lawrence Andre, Will Vandenberg, Debbie Kring, Suzie Gibbs
Westwood – Katy Weber, Joe Kordalski, Jace McClasky (since resigned)

In north Leawood, Andrew Osman’s seat is up for re-election this year.

But that is just the start of the 2014 election season. In the November election (August primary) we will elect a new county chair and a commissioner from the first district. A number of state offices, including state representatives and a governor will be on the ballot along with congressional offices.