Prairie Village police honor their own for exemplary actions that saved lives

Officer Josh Fahlgren accepting his award from Police Chief Wes Jordan on Monday.
Officer Josh Fahlgren accepting his award from Police Chief Wes Jordan on Monday.

The Prairie Village police on Monday honored four of their own for exemplary service during the department’s annual awards ceremony.

The officers were recognized for their work in two incidents, which Chief Wes Jordan noted both could have led to the loss of life were it not for the actions of the officers involved.

Chief Jordan’s commendations follow:

Supervisory Recognition Award: Officer Josh Falhgren

On the morning of June 17, 2013, at 7:47 a.m., Officer Josh Falhgren was on patrol in Mission Hills and smelled the odor of burning wood. He located the source of the odor and observed smoke coming from the wood shingled roof on the rear of 5820 Mission Drive.

Officer Fahlgren radioed Dispatch and requested the Fire Department respond. Officer Fahlgren knocked on the door of the residence until he was able to contact the elderly residents, ages 80 and 91. Both were asleep and unaware of the fire as smoke was not visible inside the residence and the smoke alarms were not sounding.

Officer Fahlgren helped the residents exit their home and the fire was extinguished by the Fire Department prior to it causing extensive damage to the home.

As a result of Officer Josh Fahlgren’s determination and competent application of his job skills, he saved a home from destructive fire damage and possible loss of life, bringing great credit to the Department. It is with pride we present to him on this day, Monday, October 7, 2013, the Prairie Village Police Department’s Supervisory Recognition Award.

PVPost’s write up of that incident can be found here.

Lifesaving Awards: Officers Louis Curtis, Matt Boggs and Seth Meyer

On June 10, 2013, at about 3:30 in the early morning hours, Officer Curtis was on routine patrol and came upon a vehicle with its lights on and engine running in the front yard of 7910 Booth. He approached the vehicle and found a man in the driver’s seat who was unresponsive, not breathing and Officer Curtis was unable to find a pulse. Curtis radioed Dispatch to contact MedAct, pulled the gentleman from the vehicle and began administering CPR.

Officer Matt Boggs then arrived and attached the AED, which advised a shock and CPR efforts were then continued by Officer Boggs giving chest compressions and Officer Curtis giving breaths.

The AED conducted another analysis and advised no shock. CPR was continued again with Officer Seth Meyer giving chest compressions and Officer Curtis still giving breaths. MedAct arrived on scene and took over. MedAct was able to get a pulse and transport the man to St. Joseph Hospital.

The gentleman had suffered a heart attack and due to the efforts of Officers Curtis, Boggs and Meyer, proper CPR techniques, utilization of the AED and the efforts of MedAct personnel, all were directly responsible for saving his life.

It is with great pride on this day, Monday, October 7, 2013, I present the Department’s Lifesaving Award to Officer Louis Curtis, Officer Matt Boggs and Officer Seth Meyer.