Huzzah! Kevin Yoder responds to our question about the government shutdown! And we only had to ask like a dozen times!

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, who DOES have an opinion on the government shutdown after all.
U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, who DOES have an opinion on the government shutdown after all.

You may have heard that there’s a government shutdown in the works. It’s true! Since last Tuesday, as many as 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed and countless federally managed programs and services — like administration of the national park my in-laws foolishly tried to visit last week — have been suspended.

You may also have heard that there’s a bit of debate over whether a “clean Continuing Resolution” that would reopen the government would pass the House should Speaker John Boehner bring it to the floor for a vote.

Wellsir, being the enterprising journalists that we are, we wondered what our own elected United State Representative might have to say about the state of things — particularly whether he would vote for a clean CR should it come up for a vote.

So we asked him, via this email sent to his Communications Director early Thursday:

I’ve gotten a couple of questions from readers about Rep. Yoder’s position on the shutdown, so I thought I’d see if we could get answers on a couple of issues:

1.) Does Rep. Yoder support Speaker Boehner’s decision not to bring the clean CR before the House for a vote? If he does support the decision not to bring it before the House, could he share his rationale?

2.) If the speaker were to bring the clean CR before the House for a vote, would Rep. Yoder vote in favor of the clean CR?

Thanks much — I’m hoping to run a story this afternoon/evening if possible.

And then…nothing. But we noticed Yoder was tweetin’ away from D.C…:

So we figured we’d try that approach to get a response:

It didn’t work. So we tried again. And again. And again and again and again. And then we emailed and called and tweeted some more.

Until, lo and  behold!, look what showed up in the ol’ PVPost mailbag late Monday afternoon: This message from Matt Manda, Yoder’s Communications Director:

Congressman Yoder has voted “Yes” on every continuing resolution that has been offered to keep the federal government running. He does not support the Senate Democrats funding resolution however because it funds a special benefit for Members of Congress under Obamacare and it funds the mandate for individuals, yet maintains an exemption for businesses for one year. He believes in fairness for all and has voted to fully fund the federal government, absent those two exceptions. The House – with the votes of 57 House Democrats – has sent multiple spending resolutions to the Senate which has refused to even consider them. He strongly opposes the government shutdown and hopes that Republican and Democratic Party leaders will come to their senses in the coming days and work out a reasonable compromise. The federal government has operated in the red 55 of the last 60 years. With a $17 Trillion national debt that grows by the second, Congressman Yoder supports a lean and balanced federal budget that reduces spending and reforms important entitlement programs.

So now we know…sort of. Come to think of it, I’m not sure there’s an actual answer in there…

Oh, well. Huzzah, huzzah and onward! Was that so hard?