Tutera files new plans for Mission Valley site that include single-family houses

Mission_Valley_RED_DevelopmentPrairie Village and the Tutera Group may be headed to court over the city’s rejection of Tutera’s 350,000-plus square foot Mission Chateau proposal in September.

But that isn’t stopping the company from trying a new approach to building a senior living community on the site.

Late Friday afternoon Tutera filed a new special use permit application with the city for a revised Mission Chateau concept. Because the paperwork for the application was filed at the very end of the week, the city has not been able to make the plans available through its website yet. But, according to information released by Tutera, the revised plans include the reduction of living units from 327 to 310. Additionally, the “villas” that lined the south edge of the Mission Valley site in the rejected proposal will be replaced by nine lots for owner-occupied single family houses, an effort by the company to create an “enhanced transition zone” between the senior living facility and the existing neighborhood.

“As a trade off to constructing Villas on the south end of the property, Mission Chateau will provide certain of the features and amenities that would have been offered at the Villas within several of the larger independent living units at Mission Chateau,” read a release from Tutera.

Ryan Fischer of the Tutera Group says the new plans would reduce the total floor area of the senior living facilities from around 350,000 square feet to 325,000 square feet (excluding carports).

The city says it intends to upload the documents associated with the filing on its website early this week.