Financial Security Advisors celebrates 20th anniversary in business

Sandi Weaver of Financial Security Advisors is celebrating 20 years in business.
Sandi Weaver of Financial Security Advisors is celebrating 20 years in business.

In the 20 years since Sandi Weaver started Financial Security Advisors she has seen changes in tax law and changes in technology, but many of the concepts of financial planning have remained the same: diversify, protect assets and keep an eye on taxes.

Financial Security Advisors, Weaver’s Prairie Village firm, will mark its 20th anniversary in business at the end of this month. The company offers fee-only financial planning. “We are concerned about everything” in a client’s finances, Weaver says, “not just investments.”

Weaver has a five-person team and she is a CPA as well as a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Financial Analyst. The firm’s typical client, Weaver says, is in their mid 50s, saving for retirement and hopes to retire between 60 and 65. “Our job is to get them retired,” she says, without wasting money on taxes. “We help them avoid mistakes (and) we watch taxes a lot.”

Weaver says she decided to start her own firm 20 years ago when she “hit a subtle glass ceiling.” Twenty-five percent of the firm’s clients are out of town, but through Skype and conference calls, those clients get the same personal meeting touch as those in the metro.

With the disappearance of defined benefit plans and more 401(k) plans in the workplace, there is more need than ever for good financial analysis, Weaver believes, and younger people are starting to use financial planning services. For her, the variety of people and situations keeps the business interesting.

Financial Security Advisors is at 8340 Mission Road, Suite 113. The team includes LaDonna Parker, Marsy Gordon, Nick Applegate and Jim Stoutenborough.