Lancers football team facing formidable opponent in Olathe North

SM East’s straight-out-of-the-movies Hail Mary victory over Olathe Northwest surely gave the team a full head of steam — and they’ll need every bit of that momentum heading in to tonight’s matchup against Olathe North, a Sunflower League blue blood program with eight state titles to its name.

Sunflower Football Blog scribe Eli Underwood says the match is something of a toss up:

This game for SM East is where the rubber hits the road. The Lancers have had about as exciting of a start to a season as I can remember from any team in a long time. Meanwhile, Olathe North has shown they’re a very good unit with probably as much pure athleticism as any team they’ll go up against. When you compare these two teams on paper it’s extremely challenging to determine who has the upper hand. Olathe North is more athletic, but SM East’s offense creates a ton of big plays. SM East has a tough defense that forces turnovers, but Olathe North has a much better offense than either of SM East’s previous opponents. I guess we’ll just have to find out on Friday.

So what have the Lancers done to get stoked? Watched Brian Libeer’s latest motivation video, for one:

The game starts at 7 p.m. at the CBAC.