Apartment, condo building owners can start signing up for Google Fiber

We don’t know when Google Fiber will actually arrive at northeast Johnson County residences and most people can’t sign up for the service, yet. However, there is one exception at least for signups.

fiber-rabbitApartment and condo building owners (multiple dwelling units or MDU) can sign up for the service now, according to a Google spokesperson. The only caveat is that the city where the apartments are located must have signed a deal to bring Google Fiber into that city. But, all of the cities in northeast Johnson County have qualified, so that restriction isn’t a problem.

Google says that typically it takes around nine units to qualify as an MDU, but it “depends on each build.” The developer for the Gateway project in Mission has already signed an agreement with Google Fiber for the approximately 300 residential units in that project.

Apartment and condo dwellers also will still need to live in a ‘fiberhood’ that has adequate registration to receive the service. The fiberhood method of qualifying neighborhoods to receive service has been used in the Kansas City rollout. At the Prairie Village community night this week at Google Fiber Space, residents were told that fiberhoods also will be employed for the northeast Johnson County expansion. In Kansas City, a typical fiberhood is between 600 and 1,000 residences, a Google presenter said.

The apartment signups can start now, but it doesn’t mean earlier installation for those residences. To get the process started, apartment or condo owners who are interested in having the service in their buildings can send an e-mail to mdu-fiber@google.com.