What’s going on with the Village Shops construction? Property manager provides answers

Lega-C Properties anticipates the new building on Mission Lane will be completed in spring 2014.
Lega-C Properties anticipates the new building on Mission Lane will be completed in spring 2014.

Wondering what’s new with the Village Shops renovations?

Village Shops management company Lega-C Properties has received a slew of inquiries lately about the timeline for the planned construction of the center (which will be funded in part by money from the Community Improvement District passed by the Prairie Village City Council), and property manager Kylie Stock has provided a Q&A to help given residents a sense of what’s coming down the pike:

When is ground-up construction going to get started on the Starbucks building?

The construction of the new retail building was delayed due to a few issues with permitting and finalizing items with the city. All of those issues have been resolved and work is underway. We anticipate substantial completion of the new retail building and delivery to the respective tenants in mid-January 2014. It should be understood that there may be some lingering “loose ends” with as it relates to final landscaping/sod and perhaps the fountain that we may be forced to defer to spring if winter arrives sooner than we hope, but nothing that will materially inhibit the tenants the ability to proceed with their tenant finishes. We anticipate Starbuck’s opening in their new location sometime in April 2014.

When are the streetscapes, streets, sidewalks and other Common Areas going to be completed?

We had hoped to have both the new retail building and Mission Lane improvements completed in 2013. However, due to unforeseen delays and winter quickly approaching this will not be possible. We feel it is in the best interest of the center to complete the new retail building before moving onto the Project A/Mission Lane improvements. Our hope/goal would be to commence Mission Lane in March 2014 but weather will ultimately control the start date.  Erring conservatively if we start April 1, we’ll be wrapping up in September. Obviously we have every intention and incentive to expedite the work as quickly as is possible and we envision attempting to work extended hours and weekends to the extent possible (and permitted by the city), but like any construction process there are certain factors beyond our control.

There appears to be some deferred maintenance and infrastructure issues with parking lots, etc… at the shops. Will those issues be addressed with the renovation?

We agree and will do everything we can to expedite the work. We appreciate the patience of the community and our merchants as we work towards beautifying the center and making the Village even better than it was before.