‘Singer-Songwriter’ Musical Revue showcases SM East theatre talent

An ensemble of eight SM East students performed "Our Lips Are Sealed."
Sophie Fields (from left), Claire Jaggers and Erin Wilkins were part of the eight-singer ensemble that performed “Our Lips Are Sealed.”

Readers, I have a fear.

And it is this: I’m afraid the unfortunate timing of last night’s torrential downpour may have dissuaded many from leaving the coziness of their homes. And I’m afraid that, by staying home, said persons ended up missing what was a truly impressive display of talent at the final staging of Shawnee Mission East’s 2013 Musical Revue.

Directed by SM East theatre instructors Tom DeFeo and Brian Cappello with music by choir instructor Ken Foley, the production featured nearly three dozen performances by the school’s gifted students.

Working under the theme “Singer-songwriters,” the students performed numbers by everyone from Carol King to Alanis Morisette.

One of the evening’s most moving performances came from junior Abby Cramer, who sang Adele’s “Someone Like You”:

(Not that we didn’t know this already… but she’s got some serious pipes).

So: Now you know. Next time sheets of rain are pounding the world outside your door, resist the urge to hunker down — you might miss a great performance.

Rob Simpson performed a duet version of the Eagles' "Take it Easy" with brother Will.
Rob Simpson performed a duet version of the Eagles’ “Take it Easy” with brother Will.