Gateway signs contract to bring Google Fiber to development

While Google Fiber has been cutting deals with all of the cities in northeast Johnson County to bring its high speed Internet service into the communities, it also has at least one agreement in place for a multi-family dwelling. Residences at the new Gateway development in Mission will be guaranteed to have Google Fiber service – as long as the rest of the neighborhood signup is sufficient.

Tom Valenti
Tom Valenti

Tom Valenti, the developer for the Gateway project, told the Mission City Council Wednesday night that he has signed a contract with Google Fiber so all of the approximately 300 residential units at the Gateway will have Google service.

In rolling out its service in Kansas City (in both states), Google Fiber has used “fiberhood” rallies  that required residents to register for the service with a minimum percentage of commitment to guarantee the service to that neighborhood. A Google spokesperson said today that the fiberhood in which the Gateway resides will still need to reach its threshold, but a 300 unit head start makes it more likely. Fiberhoods are usually 800 residences or more, according to Google.

Gateway also is “trying to do innovative things with Google and retailers” at the new project, Valenti said.

On other progress at the Gateway site, which is now several weeks into the start of grading, Valenti said he would be announcing new tenants in a few weeks. “I think we are in good shape.” Utility work is expected next week and financing is on track, Valenti said.