Scavenger hunt will lead to art in Roeland Park

Roeland Park is known for its public art projects.
Roeland Park is known for its public art projects.

Roeland Park has created a scavenger hunt that will send participants through the city looking for art. The hunt takes place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. October 5 and begins at city hall.

Art LogoYou have to follow the clues to find artwork and collect stickers for each of your finds using a passport book that also contains clues for the next artwork. When you arrive at an art piece a member of the city council or arts committee will be nearby to stamp your passport. They will be the ones in the brightly colored vest.

The goal for the scavenger hunt is for participants to become familiar with the art in Roeland Park and where it’s located. The city is know for its public, outdoor artworks The clues do not need to be completed in order but the finish is at the R Park (formerly the Roeland Park Elementary School) at 55th Terrace and Juniper.

A committee member will check your passport for the stickers and you get a certificate of completion. If you are one of the first five people to arrive with a complete passport, you get a prize. And, the finish is where the refreshments are served.

Registration is needed by October 1 and can be completed online.