Prairie Village council considering possible ‘purchase of property’ — but which property unknown

Here’s a tidbit to get the rumor mill churning — and to stop said rumor mill almost in its tracks.

The Prairie Village City Council on Monday retired to executive session to discuss the possible “purchase of property.”

Prairie_Village_LogoIf you’re anything like us, your first thought was Mission Valley.

Not so fast.

“We have no knowledge of what the council might be discussing,” said Ryan Fischer of Mission Valley owner The Tutera Group Monday night.

“I can tell you the executive session was not about Mission Valley,” said Prairie Village City Administrator Quinn Bennion.

So…it’s not Mission Valley. Which, of course, begs the question: What property could it be, then?

Bennion said that, should the council decide to move forward with the purchase of whatever property is under consideration, the issue would likely come up in a public council meeting in three months.