Google Fiber hosting community information nights for recently added cities

Google Fiber Space at State Line and Westport Road will be the site of the tours.
Google Fiber Space at State Line and Westport Road will be the site of the tours.

If you live in one of the cities that has made a deal with Google Fiber (and that is all of northeast Johnson County) then your next questions are likely to be: “When do I get it?” and “What do I get?”

fiber-rabbitThe answer to the first question probably won’t be answered for a while. But, the second question you can get answered in the next few weeks as Google Fiber hosts special presentations for each of the new communities it has signed.

The evening will include a tour of the Google Fiber Space at State Line and Westport Road, an information session about Google and why it is bringing the one gigabit Internet service to the area, a demonstration of how it works and the hardware that goes with the service and, of course, answers to your questions about service to the home.

Each session runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Google Fiber Space and light refreshments will be served. Google’s Carlos Casas says they prefer that you make a reservation so they know how many people to expect and can have enough food on hand, but don’t let that stop you from coming if you forget.

Scheduled events are for residents of the following communities:
Prairie Village – September 23
Leawood – October 1
Merriam – October 16
Roeland Park – October 22

Fairway and Mission Hills are not yet scheduled and Mission’s community night has already been held.

To make a reservation for the community evening, go to Google’s calendar of upcoming events. Look for the “At Fiber Space” tag on the date for your community listed above and roll your cursor over that tag. Then click on the community name and follow the instructions to register.

You will also notice the calendar has other open sessions available, especially on Saturdays when you can visit for demonstrations and information. For Fairway and Mission Hills, watch the calendar to see when those community nights are scheduled.